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Low Vision Request Form

We at Alliance Retina and the whole Vision Alliance offer our own integrated Low Vision Support Team. Low Vision support has changed dramatically from the old days of long, slow, difficult work to the new technology-driven solutions. While still challenging and at times expensive, we h=now live in a new world that is well served by new technologies and new interest from main-stream society. Join us and we will show you how to make the most of your abilities or those of a loved one. WE will do our best to get you the best help available as affordably as possible and also get you “plugged in” to all kinds of support and resources.

The Low Vision Process

  • The Initial Evaluation Form

  • Checking the glasses

  • Look at modern options- Magnifiers, Lights, Electronic Handheld Devices, Desktop Devices.

  • Learn about the resources- Frogtown Low Vision Support, VIFAS and Sighted Guide Ohio, Visual Tech Connection, LS&S catalog resources

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