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Pediatric Retinal Care

Pediatric retinal diseases are a different animal altogether. Premature infants can develop Retinopathy of Prematurity, a vascular abnormality that can lead to severe retinal detachment. Infants and children are much more susceptible to trauma than older individuals. There are literally hundreds of congenital syndromes that can affect young retinas. All of this happens in a world that not many consider. Dr. Rosenthal and his team have provided comprehensive pediatric retinal care in the region for 29 years. In addition, we work with national research centers and support the local support group for patients of visually impaired children.

Retinopathy of Prematurity

For 29 years, Dr. Rosenthal has provided care for Retinopathy of Prematurity. We offer screening, laser surgery, and vitrectomy surgery when laser does not arrest the disease. We also follow children later in life and care for the various problems that can be encountered later on.

Management of Congenital Syndromes

Retinal dystrophies, chromosomal disorders, metabolic syndromes, optic nerve problems. There are many congenital and genetic syndromes that can affect the retina, and each of these children need whatever help we can give them. We can assist in diagnosis and help manage the visual challenges and special needs that many kids have. We also work with the National Eye Institute and regional and national institutes specializing in these diseases.

Trauma Care

Unfortunately, children, especially small ones, are susceptible to trauma that would cause no harm in older people. Shaken Baby Syndrome results in blinding retinal hemorrhages and all too often neurologic injury and death in far too many children. In older kids, accidental trauma can result from many causes. We accept any patient at any age, regardless of the problem or ability to pay. We also offer support to the regions Level I trauma centers.

Patient and Parent Support

Kids with retinal issues need help. So do their parents. The "real" world often doesn't understand these needs. We work with kids, their parents, schools, and other support organizations to bring together the best help that we can. We also support the Northwest Ohio support group for the parents of visually impaired kids. The parents in this group are smart, motivated, resourceful and driven to help their own kids and to help others. Call us for information on how to get involved.