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Alliance Retina Physicians' Center

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A Different Retina Service

We take care of all patients, all problems, all the time. We have particular expertise with complex diabetic retinopathy, pediatric retinal problems, and complex retinal detachments. Dr. Rosenthal performs all services and covers all calls. We provide same hour service at all times, and we make no distinction between patients with the best insurance or none at all. That's it. Simple. All patients, all problems, all the time.

New Location, New Imaging, Same Comprehensive Services

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New Location, New Hours, New Standard in Care

Alliance Retina was formed to provide the best retinal care for all patients, all problems, all the time. Times change and we need to keep changing too. As we have grown, we have come to need more space to see patients as quickly and conveniently as possible. Our new location and imaging center at 5757 Monclova Road is conveniently located in the Fallen Timbers Medical Building, Suite 11, adjacent to St. Luke's Hospital. In this new facility, we are offering new state of the art imaging and the latest minimally invasive outpatient care and surgery. Call us for more information.
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Surgical Experience

We have been providing high complexity retinal surgery in Northwest Ohio and the third world for 32 years. We have particular expertise with retinal detachment, complex diabetic retinopathy, trauma, and anterior segment reconstruction, and Retinopathy of Prematurity. We offer many services available nowhere else in the region. For additional information, visit our video blog at The Education Center.


We have been leaders in telemedicine applications for years and have even been involved in telemedicine system design. This technology has recently come into its own with numerous new applications. It is a beautiful system to coordinate care between you and us. We can also coordinate postoperative care and even create vertical integration with other specialists around the world.


Dr. Rosenthal has served in various leadership positions:
  • UTMC- Ophthalmology Division Head
  • Toledo Hospital and Toledo Children's Hospital- Ophthalmology Division Head
  • Co-Founder- The Vision Alliance of Northwest Ohio
  • Founder and Director- The Jairus Foundation
  • Leadership Councils for Prevent Blindness Ohio, CareNet
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