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The Low Vision Alliance

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The Low Vision Alliance

Alliance Retina and the other practices of the Vision Alliance are pleased to lead a new program to provide coordinated, effective, and affordable low vision support. We focus on assessing a patient’s needs and then going straight to vision aids and techniques that are most likely to help. We then work with our partners to make all options available as affordably as possible. We then go further to put patients and families in touch with the best and most honest support services. Alliance Low Vision Services is a hub for our many excellent partners in regional low vision support.
"Low Vision" can mean little or no vision or it can simply mean trouble with fine print and crafts or anything in between. In any case, whether it's you or a friend or loved one, you don't have to "go it alone". We will do what we can for your eyes, and we won't leave you hanging. The other part of the challenge is helping the patient use what they have, whatever that is. Check out these services, and lets "see it through" together.

The Low Vision Process

  • The Low Vision Evaluation Request Form

  • Checking the glasses

  • Look at modern options- Magnifiers, Lights, Electronic Handheld Devices, Desktop Devices.

  • Learn about our partnerships- Frogtown Low Vision Support, VIFAS and Sighted Guide Ohio, Visual Tech Connection, LS&S catalog resources

First Things First: